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MOT testing centres have got to abide by VOSA MOT re-test policies.

MOT re-testing procedures are pretty intricate and very dull. Why don't we set the scene for you as regards when you might and cannot acquire a FREE re-test.

For starters, the primary rule tends to be that once the car has failed its MOT, the applicable period of time to have any necessary adjustments to be executed and any resulting re-test is only 10 business days after the initial test date. This is true providing that your car has been repaired and accordingly scheduled in to have a re-test prior to the end of 10 working days. If all of the above has been carried out, subsequently the computerised MOT test process all MOT centres make use of would, at that point, make it possible for us to register your vehicle or light commercial vehicle and perform re-test.

Following that it therefore follows that the 2nd procedure is that at the time of an MOT re-examination it's sometimes true that lots of points could be re-tested without delay yet on the other hand several items absolutely need more concentrated testing.

As an example;

  • Case in point your family car falls short on 1 tyre; then a new tyre is simple to spot and then a "fast track" MOT retest can be carried out, this would undoubtedly take just a couple of minutes of the MOT testers valuable time and and so would not attract a re-test charge.
  • Or an alternative instance: Let's suppose your vehicle fails the MOT test on headlamp aims, emissions, and brakes; in cases like this the vehicle needs to be enrolled with your local Southend On Sea VOSA MOT station for the partial re-test and brought to the MOT test bay, once there an emissions evaluation absolutely must be executed, a far less intense over-all check out done as well as a complete braking mechanism check completed. This work naturally requires added quantities of the MOT testers time, and therefore it'll typically attract a re-test fee.

So although we, and just about every MOTing centre, advertises and promotes FREE retests this is often, in many instances, dependant on when the family car is provided for its MOT test in Southend On Sea and ultimately specifically what the car failed its MOT upon.

NOTABLY - in cases where the car fails get through its MOT examination with us here within Southend On Sea VOSA MOT test station and it is then fixed by us, then in this case we'll always accomplish your retest FREE (i.e. at no cost to you), and that is our thanks to you for choosing to make full use of our Southend On Sea VOSA MOT test garage workshops.

If you need in depth explanation, then right here is list of the free of charge retest items (if your family car failed the MOT over these factors then a fast track retest will be conducted).

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